Jan 12

Announcing the Best SEO News Site on the Planet

SEO News

SEO News

For some time now, I’ve been developing a personal news aggregation website focused completely on SEO.  I’ve decided to go ahead and make it available to the community at large.

Here’s the features:

  • Presentation is in the sprit of Alltop and its predecessor Popurls, but I’m doing a lot of very customized aggregation, organization and filtering as well.  You’ll notice it’s 4 columns across, packs the information in very densely, and should work well on handheld mobile devices (iPad and other tablet folks – you’ll have to zoom in).
  • Combining similar sources, aggregating infrequent posters together, and organizing the page so each section has some coherence should make it easier to know where to look for something, and should also help to surface the most recent and important topical information available.
  • In a few cases, I’m pulling in data from sources where no RSS feed is available – this has proven to be a great time-saver by reducing the amount of trolling around required to figure out what’s happening.
  • It also allows you to track what’s going on in various SEO communities;  if it’s a slow news day but you’re stuck in your dentist’s office, you can easily scroll to the bottom and see if there are any interesting threads or questions worth checking out.  In each case, I’m only pulling *SEO-related* topics together – many of these communities have numerous other interesting discussions going on about paid search, domaining, and so on, so I would encourage you to poke around once you’re in one.

Take it for a spin!



  1. Harris says:

    Great idea, looking forward to this!

  2. Gregg says:

    You should add Facebook and Google+ to the top of that page along with the LinkedIn, Reddit and Twitter. I would have shared it on the other two also.

    Great resource, good work.

  3. Barry Adams says:

    Great resource Ted, definitely earned a spot in my bookmarks. Especially the inclusion of forums & communities is a big plus, as those are often overlooked. However it does seem to be a bit US-centric… Maybe include a few English-language European sources such as State of Search?

  4. Martijn Oud says:

    I really like the combination of feeds in one div, nifty!

    You should definitely add a favicon though 😉

  5. Tyent says:

    Awesome resource. A ton of SEO information all in one place. Thanks!

  6. Ted Ives says:

    Gregg – you really were paying attention there…

    I decided to just go with LinkedIn, Redditt, and Twitter than the others because they’re more B-to-B oriented; also when you rotate on an iPhone or Android, three icons ended up fitting really well across on the narrow orientation, where 5 would have wrapped. There were lots of constraints as I was putting this together.

    I’ve also found that the fewer icons you show, the more clicks you actually get on them – by reducing choices for people you make it a really easy decision to click (very similar to landing page optmization, more icons actually increases friction and forces people to think more). Those little ShareMe widgets with a ton of tiny icons – virtually worthless, in my experience, compared to just one big fat Tweet or Stumble button.

    Thanks for the suggestion though!

  7. This looks great. Thanks so much for doing this! Any way I can quickly get the best SEO news the better 🙂

  8. Thanks for all the great SEO tips and tools/info. Appreciate coming across new information for SEO strategies.

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