Your Challenges

Online marketing is an effective but complex field;  SEO can be a powerful and high-ROI marketing approach, but it is not always the most important channel to be working on.

We work with you to determine what online marketing approach likely has the highest ROI for you, whether it be SEO, Paid Search (PPC), or Email Marketing; although the focus of this blog is SEO, Ted has deep experience in the PPC field as well as thought leadership experience in the marketing automation/audience management field.

Challenges You May Be Strugging With Include:

  • Competition Out-Marketing You Online
    Prominent competitor presences in organic and paid search engine results can be an important clue that those channels may be effective ones in your industry.  We help our clients evaluate which marketing mix elements are optimal for their individual situation.
  • Over-Reliance on a Single Marketing Channel
    Often marketers focus on fully develop a particular channel, such as email or paid search, which they are familiar with and are gaining traction on, before moving on to develop a diversified set of marketing approaches.  We work to help our clients identify the appropriate marketing mix for their situation, with an eye towards diversifying sources of traffic and conversions.
  • Lack of Capacity to Tackle New Opportunities
    Many marketing organizations, particularly those in companies experiencing high growth, are “tapped out” and can barely handle the core activities they are focusing on.  We bring addditional surge capacity to bear on the situation, building momentum in areas that would otherwise be neglected.
  • New Staff Unfamiliar with SEO
    If you’re managing some of your SEO efforts in-house, we can provide SEO training (basic and advanced) to your employees.  We also integrate appropriate just-in-time training as our coordinated efforts are executed; we prefer to teach you “how to fish” rather than to perpetually fish for you.
  • Ranking Problems
    Perhaps you’ve launched a website with hundreds or thousands of pages, but have yet to see your pages ranking for various queries, and you see very little organic search traffic.  We help clients architect their websites to ensure that their content pages are properly crawled, indexed, and ranked by the search engines.
  • High-Risk Website Transitions
    Redirects from the old website to the new one are critical to ensure preservation of any PageRank or Anchor Text value from external links.  Many companies also use the opportunity of transitioning to a new website to reset their SEO strategy; deep keyword research, and a content and linking plan, can be helpful both in the context of a new website design as well as planning for later PPC efforts.

If you are facing any of these issues with your online marketing efforts, you should contact us.  We can give you the state-of-the-art theoretical understanding you’ll need to tackle these issues, as well as years of practical experience helping other organizations just like yours achieve their marketing goals.

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