Mar 11

Elvis, a Dofollow Link, and Hip Marketers

"Thank you very much" for the SEO Badge, Mr. President!*

Today, in the spirit of Wired Magazine’s “wired/tired/expired” series,  we’re going to run through some online marketing terms that have become downright “square”, and either are being, or should be replaced by, a more “hip” counterpart. This one goes to eleven!

Square Hip
1. Reach Fan base
2. Paid Links Earned Links
3. Spamming Participating in the conversation
4. Participating in the conversation Generating a profit
5. Keyword Density Stemming
6. PageRank Anchor Text
7. Top 10 Top 11
8. Insertion Order Contextual Targeting
9. Pay per Click Pay per Tweet
10. Software “In the Cloud” SaaS
11. Online Marketer Marketer

*Contrary to rumor, Nixon did not give Elvis an SEO badge actually – he did give him a badge however.

The first person to comment below and correctly tell the world what kind of badge it was will receive my undying respect, and a dofollow link in the comment as long as it’s to something G-rated (payday loans – yes.  viagra – no.) 😉


  1. David says:

    well I can’t claim to have known this, but according to http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2010/jan/17/when-elvis-met-nixon/, it was a NARCOTICS Badge. 🙂

  2. Yes indeed Nixon gave Elvis a Narcotics Badge!

  3. mercy says:

    from the blog we are told that he received a SEO badge the denial later on mixes us up and require thorough mind twisting but if Elvis stands out to tell the world then we shall be at a position of knowing.

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