Apr 11

The *Best* Source of International Web Stats Anywhere

Internet World Stats

Truly Penetrating Analysis

You’ve probably had to research internet usage at some point – whether to figure out browser usage percentages so you can decide which browsers to bother supporting, looking at internet usage by country for a business looking to expand geographically, or any other myriad of reasons.  Like me, you probably did this by doing a ton of Google searches.  Well, I ran across a site that aggregates much of that information, and also the sources for the rest of it, all in one convenient spot.  It’s called Internet World Stats, and it’s chock full of amazing statistics and sources.

The site actually has a ton of content and sources and is a fascinating read.  Its new Facebook Statistics section in particular is extremely interesting and useful – file this link away, chances are you’ll need it some time in the next 12 months for one reason or another.  Enjoy!

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